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Curry Beef

by on Mar.28, 2009, under Chinese Family Dishes, Cooking

Once a German was kind enough to tell me:”It is said that your Chinese eat everything with two legs except human and with four legs except tables.” Hahaha, yeah this is really embarrassing sometimes, We are eating a lot of horrible things. However, I still cherish the hope that oversea friends can realize China is huge and has a big population, not all the Chinese are eating snakes, monkey heads or something like that.

What I want to talk about is meat and bones. Here in China, bones are more expensive than pure meat, for example, pork ribs are much more expensive than pork meat. So I love to buy meat, pure meat! Now I love to buy beef, Which nearly has the same price with pork! What did I say? Yeah, China is too big, sometimes the differences are really shocking.


1.500g of beef( the part around the cow’s waist);
2.2 small potatoes;
3. one star anise, salt, oil, one chilli,curry powder.

Here comes the steps:

1. cut the beef to cubes( 2cm×2cm×2cm), cut potatoes to chunks;
2. when the water in the wok is about 80°, put the beef in, cook it without cover until the water is boiling, get the beef out, throw away the bloody water;
3. hot wok hot oil, fry the beef until the color changed a little bit to be golden;
4. put the star anise and chilli into the wok, fry the beef for another 2 minutes;
5. cover the beef with hot water, make sure that the beef is just covered, don’t put too much water if you don’t wanna make beef soup 🙂
6. cook the beef with small flame for 1 hour, put some salt into the soup, go on cooking it for 15 minutes;
7. put the potatoes and curry powder into the soup, cook all the things together for another half an hour, then it must be ready!

Don’t put salt and potatoes and salt together ,otherwise the dear potatoes will suck most of the salt and make themselves too salty while the beef still has a decent light taste.

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Fish Soup

by on Mar.24, 2009, under Chinese Soups, Cooking

When I was still in my childhood, there was still a lack of food, that was a crazy time for China, so many things seem so stupid and ridiculous nowadays, however, the people in my hometown didn’t suffer so much from the food lack, because we have so many fish around. I never get enough about fish.


1.Chinese chub(2 kg without head);
2.4 pieces of bean curds( Dou Fu);
3.4 mushrooms;
4.4 pieces of ginger, salt, cooking wine, spring onion.

Here comes the steps:

1. divide the whole fish to 3 parts: one spine and two pieces of fish meat, chop the fish spine to several chunks, cut the fish meat to pieces ( the fish pieces in the picture were all about 1 cm thick), stir salt and several drops of cooking wine with all the fish, and leave them there for half an hour;
2. meanwhile prepare other materials:cut the bean curds to 1cm×1cm×1cm cubes, cut the mushrooms to pieces;
3. hot wok and hot oil, put ginger in first, then fry fish spine chunks for 2 minutes, pour some hot water into the wok( fish chunks are just totally covered), wok covered and keep boiling slightly for 15 minutes(you can find the soup become a little bit milky white);
4. put mushrooms in and cook for another 5 minutes, then put bean curd cubes in, another 5 minutes;
5. time for the fish pieces, lay them carefully into the hot soup, don’t stir them, otherwise the fish pieces will fall apart;
6. when the fish pieces’ color changes to white, the whole fish soup is ready, decorate it with spring onions!

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Meat Balls

by on Mar.16, 2009, under Chinese Family Dishes, Cooking

I suppose the meat ball dish is a kind of Chinese fast food, if you don’t have much time to cook, just make some meat balls in weekends. There are various ways to make meat balls, such as meat with mushrooms, with bamboos or with spring onions, i prefer the meat with bamboos, for I was brought up in a town where there were a lot of elegant bamboos 🙂


1.500g of pork with about 20% fat, of course, minced;
2.spring onions (where I am living now only can get dry bamboos so I didn’t buy bamboos)
3.egg white of one egg;
4.300g of white gourd;
5.white pepper powder, cooking wine, salt, a little starch, several leaves of Chinese parsley.

Here are the details:

1.blend the pork with white pepper powder, cooking wine, salt, starch and egg white, stir all the things in one direction until the minced meat starts to be thick and sticky, leave it there for half an hour (if the weather is too hot, put it into a fridge);
2.put cut spring onions into the meat;
3.remove the skin of the white gourd, cut it to thin pieces;
3.cook some water in a wok, turn down the flame when the water starts to boil;
4.use a spoon to help your palm to make meat balls, carefully lay the meat balls into the wok;
5.cook the meat balls with small flame for 15 minutes until it is sure that the meat balls will not break to parts, then put the white gourd pieces into the wok, turn up the flame to middle level for another 5 minutes;
6.pinch some salt to put it into the wok, giving the soup a little bit taste;
7.throw some Chinese parsley leaves on the surface of the soup, then it’s done 🙂


There is another way to make the meat balls tasty: just fry them totally in oil when they are still freshly made. But it is obvious the meat will suck a lot of oil, which is believed not so healthy, but with this way, you can store the meat balls longer and better in your fridge.

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Teriyaki Chub

by on Mar.13, 2009, under Chinese Family Dishes, Cooking

I only knew the chub fish was really cheap and I was told that fish was not so tasty. My life was full of all kinds of fishes, so I hardly paid attention to the chub fish until one day in another city I found only the chub fish was acceptable and available for me……

1.1kg of chub fish; huge Chinese lettuce(more explanation at the end of this article);
3.spring onion;

Here comes the steps:

1.cut the fish to several pieces,rub some salt and cooking wine on the surface and leave it there for 1 hour;
2.cut the Chinese lettuce to thin slices; wok hot oil, a little chilli and 3 pieces of ginger, then lay the fish pieces into the wok carefully,fry the fish a little bit on both sides, drip some cooking wine and more soy sauce;
4.put hot water into the wok, bury 60% of the fish;
5.when the water starts to boil, put lettuce slices and salt;
6.taste the lettuce, if it’s cooked, the dish must be ready! Sprinkle the spring onion pieces on the top,that’s it!

*Chinese lettuce: it is NOT a lettuce at all! It is a kind of root beet whose head looks like a lettuce, lolllll. Without access to a Chinese market, it’s near to impossible to find them. Celery can be used as a substitute for this lettuce. 

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Preserved Ham Fry Sweet Abroad Pea

by on Mar.11, 2009, under Chinese Family Dishes, Cooking

I found it seems we Chinese really love to fry food, and we pay a lot of attention to the appearance of dishes, so it’s normal if you see your radish dish is served with the shape of a funky duck or a gorgeous flower.Hmm, I am not a cook, i would appreciate my kitchen so much if it produces yummy food, even without beautiful appearances.

Here comes a “pretty” dish, also has nice taste:-)


1.200g of preserved ham: clean it first and steam it for half an hour or cook it for half an hour;
2.400g of Sweet Abroad Peas(actually we call the pea “Holland Pea”)
3.2 chilli, salt.

There are more details:

1. cook some water with several drops of oil and a little salt, when water starts to boil, throw the peas in for 1 minute, then take the peas out and put them into cold water to cool down;
2.cut the preserved ham to pieces,hot pot and hot oil, then fry the chilli a little bit before put the ham slices into the wok, fry the ham until you can see the colour changed a little bit;
3.put peas(without water)into the wok,fry a little bit, some salt, then it’s ready. Easy, hun? It is a normal Chinese dish.


1. the preserved hams are normally salty,so be careful about how much salt you will put into the dish;
2.don’t fry the peas too much, otherwise they will lose their beautiful green colour:-)

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Bean Curd Leaves Rolled With Minced Pork

by on Mar.05, 2009, under bean curd dishes, Cooking

If someone asks me: “how do you like your Chinese food?” Well, I don’t think I am able to answer the question, though I am a Chinese. China is too big, there are 56 ethnic groups, accordingly the food is various. My appetite is changing all the time, depending on the seasons, the weather and my mood, but deep in my heart, i prefer the food style, which came from my hometown. Here comes a dish of typical Jiangnan style: bean curd leaves rolled with minced pork:


  • 4 pieces of bean curd leaves: please cut them to pieces with the size of 10cm×10cm;
  • 500g of minced pork;
  • 2 spring onions;
  • 1 carrot

Here comes the steps:

  • put salt,soy sauce,cooking wine,white pepper powder,starch into the minced pork, leave it there for half an hour;
  • put the cut bean curd leaves in water, to keep them soft;
  • cut the spring onion and put it into the pork;
  • roll the bean curd leaves with pork, tie the leaves with strings;
  • cook the prepared bean curd leaves in a wok or steam them (this time, i cook them in a wok) for 15 minutes;
  • take the leaves out, cut away the strings, put them in a plate;
  • put salt,sugar, soy sauce, watery starch into the soup left in the wok, then add the soup into the plate,that’s it!
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Chinese Chicken Soup

by on Mar.02, 2009, under Chinese Soups, Cooking

I  wanna start my blog, “Flowery Chinese Cooking” ,with my lovely chicken soup. Okay, have to admit, normally we Chinese chop everything to pieces or slices, to make it convenient for us to use chopsticks!  This time, the chicken is as small as a pigeon, so i decided to leave it as it is. Here comes the Chicken soup:


  1. main ingredients: chicken(500g), bean curd leaves(250g), mushrooms( 250g),celery(100g)
  2. spices: 5 pieces of ginger, one aniseed,one small pieces of Chinese cinnamon,10 peppers of Sichuan, several garlic cloves
  3. others:cooking wine(10g).

and here comes more details:

  • Hot wok, put oil in the wok until the oil is 80% hot, turn down the flame, put 5 pieces of ginger,one star aniseed, one small piece of Chinese cinnamon, 10 peppers of Sichuan in to the wok, waite until you can smell the nice scent of all the spices.
  • Turn up the flame to medium flame, fry the whole chicken. Because this chicken is not fat at all, so i only wanna get rid of the water on and in the chicken. When the color of the chicken meat turns to be white, turn up the flame to make the wok extremely hot, add cooking wine to the wok, you will hear a nice sound, turn over the chicken a little bit, then put hot water into the wok, nearly half bury the chicken.
  • when it starts to boil, turn down the flame to smallest flame, leave the wok on fire for 15-30 minutes, depending on how big and how old the chicken is, go back to check if the chicken meat is cooked or not in 15 minutes. my chicken is more or less cooked in 20 minutes.
  • put mushrooms into the wok,cook them together with chicken for 10 minutes with smallest flame. Then put bean curd leaves in to the wok, another 10 minutes. At last,put celery into the chicken soup, another 5 minute, the soup is ready.


  • 1. put the bean curd leaves in water after you bought them home ,to keep them soft;
  • 2.take the peppers of Sichuan out after you fry them in the oil, in case you bite them, which probably will cause stomachache to non-Chinese;
  • If you like, you still can add sausages,garlic or other proper things you like.  I put my favorite sausage and my husband’s favorite garlic and chili into the soup:-)
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