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Dumplings and Wonton

by on Jul.12, 2009, under Chinese Family Dishes, Cooking

Wonton can be called “dumpling” ,too. But actually northern Chinese make dumplings while southern Chinese make wonton. There is a saying in China:”The most yummy food is dumplings.” I couldn’t understand, because in my eyes wonton is much more delicious than dumplings. Recently I saw a list of “foreigners’ favourite Chinese food”, in which the wonton is in front of dumplings! Hehe, I agree.

Not only wonton is more tasty than dumplings, but also easier to make. Simply go to a nearby market, buy wonton skin, 1 pound of wonton skin can make 50 to 60 wonton, depending on how thick the skin is, if you can not be sure , just ask the guy who is selling the skin, he(she) must know it.

How to make wonton? there are two crucial steps, one is to make the filling, the other is to wrap the filling with wonton skin.

1.How to make wonton filling? You can put whatever you like into a wonton, as long as you keep one rule in you mind: make the filling dry. Otherwise the skin will go broken very easily. Though you can make filling out of anything, I still suggest the following ingredients: vegetable or(and) meat.

2. how to wrap wonton? hummmmmm, easy to do but difficult to describe, hehe. Maybe you can find a video teaches how to make wonton^_^.

I love wonton, but I am so lazy to make dry fillings for my wonton, so I found a kind of vegetable, which I only have to use a small trick to “dry ” it without drying it.:-) That is leek! Now comes my wonton with minced pork and leek filling!

How to make them?


1. 1 pound of minced pork, half a pound of leek;

2.20g of ginger, minced it until it looks like mud. Of course if you don’t mind to taste ginger, you don’t have to mince it that thoroughly; sauce, salt, one egg white, Chinese cooking wine, chicken soup salt.


1. stir minced pork with salt, soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine, chicken soup salt, minced ginger,one egg white to one direction until you feel the filling becomes thick, if you fail to make the filling thick, add some starch to help you;

2. put the prepared meat into fridge for half an hour, meanwhile cut leek as small as you can, put some cooking oil into the cut leek——to prevent leek juice from coming out, or you can put the leek under sunshine for 15 minutes, that works, too;

3. mix prepared meat and leek together, that’s the filling for wonton!


after you mix meat and leek, please avoid to add salt into the filling anymore, that will push the leek to release juice…..if you find the filling really is not salty enough, then additionally prepare some soup for your wonton, just like the wonton in the displayed picture. You can see, I put seaweed and spring onion into the soup:-)

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