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How to write Chinese mainland addresses in English

by on Mar.20, 2019, under Misc

Simply reverse the order of the English addresses, totally, don’t hesitate.

Then look at the Chinese address which you need to dive into. I am not exaggerating when I say ” dive into”, I still feel desperate while writing down a Chinese address in English, I mean, in Pinyin, which consists of the very 26 latin letters, thank God.

Some companies or organisations may have their, which is simplified addresses, easy to write, so we will not talk about it here.

Basically one Chinese city address shall look like this :

China-Province Name-City Name-District Name-Road Name-Community’s Road Number-Community Name-Residence Building Name or Building Number-Appartment Number



But I’m sure that you are still confused: How do I write my Chinese address in Pinyin (English)? Now we need to put the Chinese adress into Google Translate, automatically the address in English will be layed out in an order which English people are used to, get out of your comfortable zone, reverse the order! Make sure the receiver’s name will have the whole bottom line, no sharing here. Professionally Done! Cheers!

Note: a Chinese countryside address works in a similar way.

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