One Child Policy

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Now we are in 2019, I wrote this article 10 years ago. Now The birth policy has changed, with complicated amendments, but basically the government selectively “authorise” certain people to have 2 kids, at the moment. (Written by Lizhen 19/03/2019)


It’s a shame which I have to admit, I really thought the Chinese people who breached  one-child policy deserved their punishment until I started to use my own brain to think about the events happening around me.

I have a friend, which is the second girl for her parents, she could have another sister because she was a twin girl. Her mom didn’t dare to go home when she was still carrying the twin baby until the babies were born. Her mom had never been in a hospital so she didn’t know she was carrying 2 girls instead of one. Unfortunately she only prepared one set of clother for her baby, and that was a winter, damn! She hurried home after the babies’ birth , seeing several officials from the birth control bureau already blocked the door of her house. No matter how terribly the woman and her families begged them, they scolded them and kept the woman and the 2 new-born babies outside until one baby died, from hunger or from coldness.

My mother told me, the operation of one-child policy started in 1982 in my hometown, hundreds of  pregnant women were forced to have an abortion, no matter how many months the women already had been pregnant, even in 8th month or 9th month, the government didn’t care at all.

Nowadays, the policy is still in power, only the government is not applying it so bloodily, instead, threatening to take the woman’s families’ jobs away, seducing with money your neighbores to inform the local goverment about anyone’s second pregnancy……..and the same, the government doesn’t care how many months their women have been pregnant.

Yeah, there are too many Chinese, which is already a horror to Chinese and also western countries, but there must be a better way to control the population from rocketing up, or there is a better way to implement the one-child policy. With a little mercy, with a little care, with a little planning, maybe the policy would not appear so cruel.


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