Bean Curd Leaves Rolled With Minced Pork

If someone asks me: “how do you like your Chinese food?” Well, I don’t think I am able to answer the question, though I am a Chinese. China is too big, there are 56 ethnic groups, accordingly the food is various. My appetite is changing all the time, depending on the seasons, the weather and my mood, but deep in my heart, i prefer the food style, which came from my hometown. Here comes a dish of typical Jiangnan style: bean curd leaves rolled with minced pork:


  • 4 pieces of bean curd leaves: please cut them to pieces with the size of 10cm×10cm;
  • 500g of minced pork;
  • 2 spring onions;
  • 1 carrot

Here comes the steps:

  • put salt,soy sauce,cooking wine,white pepper powder,starch into the minced pork, leave it there for half an hour;
  • put the cut bean curd leaves in water, to keep them soft;
  • cut the spring onion and put it into the pork;
  • roll the bean curd leaves with pork, tie the leaves with strings;
  • cook the prepared bean curd leaves in a wok or steam them (this time, i cook them in a wok) for 15 minutes;
  • take the leaves out, cut away the strings, put them in a plate;
  • put salt,sugar, soy sauce, watery starch into the soup left in the wok, then add the soup into the plate,that’s it!

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