Curry Beef

Once a German was kind enough to tell me:”It is said that your Chinese eat everything with two legs except human and with four legs except tables.” Hahaha, yeah this is really embarrassing sometimes, We are eating a lot of horrible things. However, I still cherish the hope that oversea friends can realize China is huge and has a big population, not all the Chinese are eating snakes, monkey heads or something like that.

What I want to talk about is meat and bones. Here in China, bones are more expensive than pure meat, for example, pork ribs are much more expensive than pork meat. So I love to buy meat, pure meat! Now I love to buy beef, Which nearly has the same price with pork! What did I say? Yeah, China is too big, sometimes the differences are really shocking.


1.500g of beef( the part around the cow’s waist);
2.2 small potatoes;
3. one star anise, salt, oil, one chilli,curry powder.

Here comes the steps:

1. cut the beef to cubes( 2cm×2cm×2cm), cut potatoes to chunks;
2. when the water in the wok is about 80°, put the beef in, cook it without cover until the water is boiling, get the beef out, throw away the bloody water;
3. hot wok hot oil, fry the beef until the color changed a little bit to be golden;
4. put the star anise and chilli into the wok, fry the beef for another 2 minutes;
5. cover the beef with hot water, make sure that the beef is just covered, don’t put too much water if you don’t wanna make beef soup 🙂
6. cook the beef with small flame for 1 hour, put some salt into the soup, go on cooking it for 15 minutes;
7. put the potatoes and curry powder into the soup, cook all the things together for another half an hour, then it must be ready!

Don’t put salt and potatoes and salt together ,otherwise the dear potatoes will suck most of the salt and make themselves too salty while the beef still has a decent light taste.

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  1. ha,it seems that you are living in a happy life!
    (my mother says she likes cooking too,but from last week,she had Charred three times!!)

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