Meat Balls

I suppose the meat ball dish is a kind of Chinese fast food, if you don’t have much time to cook, just make some meat balls in weekends. There are various ways to make meat balls, such as meat with mushrooms, with bamboos or with spring onions, i prefer the meat with bamboos, for I was brought up in a town where there were a lot of elegant bamboos 🙂


1.500g of pork with about 20% fat, of course, minced;
2.spring onions (where I am living now only can get dry bamboos so I didn’t buy bamboos)
3.egg white of one egg;
4.300g of white gourd;
5.white pepper powder, cooking wine, salt, a little starch, several leaves of Chinese parsley.

Here are the details:

1.blend the pork with white pepper powder, cooking wine, salt, starch and egg white, stir all the things in one direction until the minced meat starts to be thick and sticky, leave it there for half an hour (if the weather is too hot, put it into a fridge);
2.put cut spring onions into the meat;
3.remove the skin of the white gourd, cut it to thin pieces;
3.cook some water in a wok, turn down the flame when the water starts to boil;
4.use a spoon to help your palm to make meat balls, carefully lay the meat balls into the wok;
5.cook the meat balls with small flame for 15 minutes until it is sure that the meat balls will not break to parts, then put the white gourd pieces into the wok, turn up the flame to middle level for another 5 minutes;
6.pinch some salt to put it into the wok, giving the soup a little bit taste;
7.throw some Chinese parsley leaves on the surface of the soup, then it’s done 🙂


There is another way to make the meat balls tasty: just fry them totally in oil when they are still freshly made. But it is obvious the meat will suck a lot of oil, which is believed not so healthy, but with this way, you can store the meat balls longer and better in your fridge.

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