Teriyaki Chub

I only knew the chub fish was really cheap and I was told that fish was not so tasty. My life was full of all kinds of fishes, so I hardly paid attention to the chub fish until one day in another city I found only the chub fish was acceptable and available for me……

1.1kg of chub fish;
2.one huge Chinese lettuce(more explanation at the end of this article);
3.spring onion;

Here comes the steps:

1.cut the fish to several pieces,rub some salt and cooking wine on the surface and leave it there for 1 hour;
2.cut the Chinese lettuce to thin slices;
3.hot wok hot oil, a little chilli and 3 pieces of ginger, then lay the fish pieces into the wok carefully,fry the fish a little bit on both sides, drip some cooking wine and more soy sauce;
4.put hot water into the wok, bury 60% of the fish;
5.when the water starts to boil, put lettuce slices and salt;
6.taste the lettuce, if it’s cooked, the dish must be ready! Sprinkle the spring onion pieces on the top,that’s it!

*Chinese lettuce: it is NOT a lettuce at all! It is a kind of root beet whose head looks like a lettuce, lolllll. Without access to a Chinese market, it’s near to impossible to find them. Celery can be used as a substitute for this lettuce. 

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